We specialize in Sitka spruce music wood used in the piano repair and restoration industries. Our product specialty are Sitka spruce soundboards, ribs, posts, key stock, liners, and blocking as well as other parts used in the piano repair and restoration industries.

We personally select the finest Sitka Spruce available from Alaska. A sawmill processes each log to a cant, which is then barged to Seattle. Upon arrival, the cants are brought to Northwest Specialty Woods, located in Elma, WA, where they are processed by our staff into 2 3/8 inch vertical grain boards. This technique allows for better drying in our own large kiln located onsite. Our wood is kiln dried to a maximum of 8% moisture content. Once removed from the kiln, each board is carefully examined and placed into appropriate categories based on individual product specifications. The Sitka lumber is then processed into fine products through sawing, cutting, planing, molding, sanding, shaping, and gluing.

montage_1Sitka spruce soundboards: Each soundboard starts out as single piece of Sitka spruce. They are color matched, jointed and glued in our radio frequency glue machine. They are then allowed to sit over night for the best drying. During the second day, they are sanded in two panels, bent and stress-tested. Any repairs needed are done at this time. Repairs are allowed to set overnight and then sanded to the required thickness. The two panels are then jointed and glued on a repair gluer, making one large panel. Once again they sit overnight. Final stages include trimming to a one inch oversized board, sanding the center line on a stroke sander, and crating for shipment. Sitka spruce soundboards may be purchased as a kit upon request.


Sitka spruce lumber is used for many facets of piano repair and restoration, including the making of piano parts used in upright soundboards, and may include the following:

  • Poststock
  • Liners
  • Blocking

Sizes and Characteristics vary according to specifications.

Please contact us with any questions or to place an order. We look forward serving you for many years to come with our Sitka Spruce Soundboards piano repair and restoration needs.